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Kuroneko: Black Cat
Title Match
2-nd Season

Логотип выбранный_финал.png

Organiser: Ukrainian Shogi Dojo


With the help of: Ukraine-Japan Center of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

Our Goal: We want to develop shogi culture in Ukraine with this event. We want to share the excitement of title matches with our dojo members in Ukraine and our viewers over the world.

Q: Why is the broadcast in Japanese?

A: We feel that culture is a very important part of shogi. A majority of people playing shogi live in Japan. Even the shogi pieces contain Japanese symbols (kanji). We are trying to recreate the atmosphere of the Abema TV title match during our event. Of course we are just cosplaying, but we learn a lot about the title ceremony every time we organise it. That makes it very fun for us, and we hope you share the fun with us, watching the match.

The requirement to participate is to be a member of JSA (Japan Shogi Association). An open tournament is held 1 month before the match to choose the challenger. Everyone who is a member and has a membership card can apply.. In the future, we will be happy if people from abroad come to challenge the title holder as well!

Date on the match: Feb 26, 2022

Time of the match: 21:00 Tokyo time (UTC+9)

The games will have 5-30 time control. The player who first scores 3 wins will win the title of Kuroneko.

To choose the challenger for the current Kuroneko title holder we held an open tournament. 8 members of Ukrainian Shogi Dojo participated.

The winner is Andrii Moisol who will challenge the current holder, Boris Moroz.

Last year's Kuroneko Title Match
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