Mastering shogi together

15-18 серпня 2019


Ukrainian Shogi Dojo was founded in 2018 by a group of shogi players and enthusiasts with the mission to spread shogi in Ukraine. As an open community that strives to show the appeal of shogi to people of all ages, we host open events and tournaments, translate learning materials and simply teach everybody interested how to play shogi.

Our vision is a worldwide family of people connected by shogi.

Our activities

Kyiv Shogi Club

  • Saturday, 11AM - 2PM            

  • Sunday, 11AM - 1PM

  • Kyiv, Tolstoho St, 49, "Moloda Gvardiya" library

Lviv Shogi Club

  • Sunday, 2PM - 5PM

  • Lviv, Mulyarska St. 2, public library "First Lviv Mediateka"


Contact us

+380687769368, Ihor

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